Monday, October 29, 2012

Rose Cattle Company of Three Forks Montana

Today we feature Rose Cattle Company of Three Forks, Montana! Karoline Rose is a proud agvocate for agriculture and encourages producers to get involved in the beef industry!

Rose Cattle Company is located in Three Forks Montana, a beautiful small town in Montana where the three rivers meet to form the Missouri. We are a family operation 100% with the occasional day workers. John Rose, my father, is a cattle buyer/broker and we are in 7 different sale barns a week. Most of the cattle my father buys and resales are shipped to the Midwest and feed in feedlots there. Cattle buyers/ brokers are simply cattle traders. He is the middle man, buying from the families that raise cow calf pairs and selling to the feedlots.

We run a group of yearlings during the summer and my brother, Jacob and his wife Kelsey are in charge of the yearlings. My grandma Mary is a frequent visitor and helps Silvia our secretary in the office. Jackson, the baby of the family plays a huge role also. He is always there when we process calves or doctor yearlings. Processing calves involves giving them all the needed vaccinations, so we can maintain a healthy sellable product. I, Karoline Rose, raised pure bred Angus Cattle and help with both the office work and they daily feedings when I am not at school.

One of the best parts about being in the cattle industry is the fact that I get to work with my brothers and dad everyday. Not only do we spend time as a family supporting my brother, whether its watching Jackson play football or watching Jake ride in a ranch rodeo, we also get to function as a family business.

I wish people understood how much time and effort is put into a family business. It’s 24/7, waking up at 2 am to check for calves or feeding at 10pm after a football game. We do it together and learn to work through the challenges and be successful. The future is Ag is huge and there is tons of potential for everyone.

There is not one thing I would change about my life in the cattle community. I can’t wait until I get done at Montana State University so I can go back and work side by side with my family everyday.

Cattle aren’t our avenue in the agriculture industry. We raise stock dogs, and my dad puts on working dog clinics all over Montana. My brother Jacob graduated with a natural horsemanship degree from University of Montana-Western and he breaks and train horses on the side.

Working stock dog from the Rose Cattle Company
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