Friday, October 5, 2012

Jenkins Ranch since 1888

Today we welcome Jennifer Jenkins of Southern Alberta Canada!!

Hi Everyone! I feel so grateful to be a part of our awesome agriculture community that is showcased here on Faces of Agriculture. My name is Jen Jenkins and primarily I am a rancher living in Southern Alberta, Canada.

My family came to this area in 1888 and developed a ranch here raising horses and sheep. Over the years and now 5 generations later we are still living on the same land. Currently I ranch here with my father, Bob, where we raise both purebred and commercial Hereford Cattle calving approximately 300 cows each spring.

I have always loved ranching and the many rewards that come with this lifestyle. From an early age we were encouraged to have a great appreciation for Mother Nature and the land which sustains us which is something that is still very important to me. We are very lucky to live in an amazing part of the country, with a diverse population of plants and wildlife.

Raising cattle is one of my true life passions. Never content to just “own cows”, I am always working toward creating a more profitable, efficient animal that meets the demands of today’s livestock industry. Equally important to me are those people who are connected to the agriculture industry.

check out Jennifer's youtube interview here!
I see in others who make their living from the land so much passion, pride and care for their product and what it is that they do. There is a certain amount of negative media around our food production systems and I often wish that those people who eat the food we produce could experience this way of living for themselves.

My love for those people involved in agriculture has provided me with new opportunities through the Green Hectares and FarmOn Foundation where I am now working as an online business facilitator for farmers and rural communities. Working from home in this role has allowed me to give back to the agricultural community who has offered me so much encouragement and support throughout the years. As a facilitator I am available to listen to your goals, dreams or even your challenges and help you utilize the resources which will make your business successful. 

Ranching today has a number challenges but I also believe that it has tremendous rewards and I strongly believe in providing future generations the same opportunities that I have had in this business. I thank everyone who has also chosen to share a bit of their story here at Faces of Agriculture, through these story’s we are all helping protect the future of agriculture.

As I read through the various pages here, there is no doubt that we are all connected regardless of our location, occupation or age and I look forward to reading more from others here at Faces of Agriculture! Happy Trails -Jen Jenkins

Thank you Jennifer for a great feature and great work that you do! We encourage you to visit the websites Green Hectares and FarmOn to learn more about other farmers and ranchers. You can also learn more about the Jenkins Ranch on their website and Facebook page. Jennifer also has this great interview on Youtube.

Do you come from a long line of farmers and ranchers? We would love to share your story! Contact us today!!!!