Friday, September 21, 2012

Courtney Nolz - Ranch Girl and Fashionista!

Today we meet Courtney Nolz. This ranch girl has taken lessons of hard work and resilience from ranch life and applied them to starting her own business Cowgirl Crush!

I grew up in Mitchell, South Dakota. At a young age I was involved and stayed busy by being a part of 4H, the National FFA Organization and playing sports. However, my main passion growing up was raising and showing purebred Limousin cattle from my family’s ranch, Nolz Limousin. After graduating from high school, I became a Jackrabbit at South Dakota State University (SDSU) in Brookings, South Dakota to study Entrepreneurial Studies.

When I was a little girl, I would put on my Sunday dresses, put on my little cowgirl boots and absolutely beg my parents to let me go outside to chores. I am sure my parents were proud they had a daughter who wanted to be put to work, but they probably questioned my outfit choices for chore clothes. This is just one example of where my passion for agriculture and fashion come in to play. I am the proud owner of a small clothing and jewelry business. Cowgirl Crush (CCXO) was started in 2008, when I started making my own jewelry to wear to cattle shows. Soon, girls were buying the necklaces straight off my neck and I knew that this was something that I could pursue as a hobby and to make a little extra money when I was on the road.

With a love of fashion-forward trends, my jewelry designs started selling like hot cakes on Facebook after I developed the “Cowgirl Crush” page. In 2011, I added clothing and home decor to the CCXO line, and just recently added “Cowgirl Dirt” a cosmetic line to the online store I plan to open a boutique when I graduate from SDSU.

I have to thank my parents for my entrepreneurial spirit. At Nolz Limousin, I grew up watching my parents sell bulls private treaty and interacting with prospective bull customers. Having my own business, I have learned a lot of sales and pricing. I pride myself by offering fashionable trends that won’t break the bank. CCXO is truly for every girl on a budget who still wants to look fabulous, without the sticker shock.

Being the middle child of three girls, I have close relationships with both of my sisters Amanda and Kaley. They are my spice in life. In the summer we would spend long afternoons washing our show calves, helping my dad in the field and working in the garden with my mom. This is something that I hold near to my heart because I learned valuable life lessons with my sisters like working hard and having a positive attitude. CCXO didn’t happen overnight and is nowhere near to where I want it to be in the future. Through good word-of-mouth, social media and a “stop-at-nothing” attitude Cowgirl Crush has gained thousands of fans on Facebook from all over the United States and a few different countries like Canada, Australia and Argentina.

Through the new CCXO website and online store, you can now fill your shopping cart from the comfort of your own home. When people shop online, if anyone is like me, I absolutely cannot wait for the mailman to show up to my door with a package for me to open. I joke with my sisters, that getting new inventory is like Christmas Day for CCXO every single time. There are the ooh’s and ah’s of showing off every new item and then instantly going to production to picture the new inventory and add it to the online store. This came from helping my parents during calving and weaning time. Seeing a newborn baby calf is an experience no one should miss out on and to see all of your hard work taking care of the calves and seeing the growth development at weaning time is rewarding and fulfilling.

Growing up on a cattle ranch in my opinion is truly a great way to live and I can definitely say that my roots in agriculture have pushed me to reach my goals today with Cowgirl Crush as well as anything else I set my mind to. A farm girl’s dream really has come true, I can wear my dress and my cowgirl boots too! After college I would not only like to have a career in agriculture, but a pasture full of cattle and house on a hill. Every farmers dream right?

So what is Cowgirl Crush?

Everyone knows that girl...the girl who is confident, who feels good in her own skin and who radiates a certain charm that draws in others like moths to a flame. Cowgirl Crush emulates that woman. And, whether you feel best in a dusty pair of cowgirl boots or a five-inch set of heels, CCXO has the style-savvy to make you look and feel your best in every occasion.

Pucker up, fellas, and get a load of this CCXO girl. She is bold, beautiful, smart and charismatic. She is unstoppable.

“I figure if a girl wants to be a legend, she should just go ahead and be one.” -- Calamity Jane

Thanks Courtney for a great feature and good luck in your future endeavors - we wish you much success! Be sure to check out Cowgirl Crush on Facebook and on their new website!

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