Monday, August 13, 2012

Uncle Monty & Kahua Ranch

Today we welcome 4Ag Hawaii who shares the story of "Uncle Monty", a Hawaii cattle industry icon. Monty will turn 83 next month and is still going strong in the agricultural and cattle industry! 

Herbert Montague Richards (Uncle Monty) was born on Kahua Ranch in 1929. Kahua means "the beginning; the source or foundation" and is located on the western slope of the Kohala Mountains, 3,000 feet above sea level just 12 miles from the town of Waimea, Hawaii. The 8,500 acre ranch grazes cattle, sheep and horses from the mountains to the coastal shoreline.

Monty is a fifth-generation kama'aina and is considered an innovator by many for his efforts in introducing alternative renewable energy to Kahua Ranch; as well as being the first on Hawaii Island to use rapid rotational grazing. He has been further credited with leading the field in hydroponic farming, wind and solar energy. He currently serves as Chairman and Trustee of Kahua Ranch.

He is a true community leader, serving on many boards such as the Nature Conservancy of Hawaii, Hawaii Commission on Water Resource, Bank of Hawaii, Parker Ranch, 4 Ag Hawaii and was a regent at the University of Hawaii for 16 years. He was inducted into the Paniolo Hall of Fame in 2000.

Monty lives as he believes saying "we have a responsibility to our land and our people to perpetuate this life and heritage for future generations" - no one doubts he is doing just that.

Thanks to Uncle Monty and Kahua Ranch for being an inspiration to all of us who have been touched by his spirit and passion.

Thanks again 4Ag Hawaii for sharing Monty's story with us - it's so exciting to hear about agriculture in Hawaii! You can learn more about agriculture in Hawaii at the 4AgHawaii website, and their facebook page. If you or someone you know would be interested in sharing your story with us, please contact us, we need your story today!